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Swedish Shopping Centre Directory (SSCD) contains information about 373 Swedish shopping centres and retail parks. Planned shopping centre projects are also listed in SSCD in order to account for future retail establishments. Shopping centres listed must achieve the following criteria’s in order to be listed as shopping centres:
• at least 5,000 sqm retail GLA (gross leasable area),
• at least 5 retail tenants,
• fulfill the definition of a shopping centre set by the Urban Land Institute Washington DC/USA. Deviations from this definition have been made, primarily with regard to retail parks. In city centres, only well defined properties have been regarded as shopping centres.
Some shopping centres may not measure up to the definition above because of e.g. too few tenants during a major refurbishment. These shopping centres are listed as "Non SC/RP”.


With a SSCD license, customers can find information about the following topics for each shopping centre in the data base*:
• shopping centre name, address and property designation,
• shopping centre properties regarding type of centre, number of retail floors, opening year, year of refurbishment and/or extension,
• retail sales,
• GLA (divided into food and convenience, durable goods, restaurants, service and common areas),
• number of visitors,
• number of parking spaces,
• anchor tenants,
• list of all the tenants,
• property owner,
• management and contact information,
• URL-link to the centre's homepage,
• location and in some cases pictures.
* SSCD’s objective is to provide its customers with complete information about all Swedish shopping centres. In some cases, the information may not be complete due to various reasons. SSCD always aspire to provide information about key figures like retail sales and GLA, either through estimations or information gathered.


Apart from the existing shopping centres, SSCD also provide information about planned shopping centre projects. The projects listed are between advanced idea phases and being under construction. Most of the projects are under construction or undergoing some stage in the zoning process. For all listed projects, parts of or all the information below can be found:
• project/shopping centre name, address, coordinates (WGS84) and property designation,
• shopping centre type,
• new shopping centre GLA,
• planning stage,
• year of construction start and opening,
• confirmed new anchor tenants,
• number of new potential tenants in total,
• property owner,
• developer,
• comment on the project’s status,
• additional information through external links (mostly in Swedish).


SSCD is comprised of the following components:


The table function is basically a list of all shopping centres which can be filtered through several conditions and preferences set by the user.


This function enables the user to view all shopping centres on a map.


This function states all the detailed information about each shopping centre in a separate view. This is complemented with a map and in some cases pictures.


All shopping centres can be marked as a "favorite” by the user and then compared in a comparison view where the key figures and graphs of the selected shopping centres are presented adjacent to each other.


SSCD provides a number of summaries regarding e.g. the ten biggest shopping centres with regards to GLA and retail sales.



SSCD will be updated annually during the third quarter each year. Planned projects will be updated at an additional occasion during the first quarter of each year.


In-depth questions about the data referred to SSCD will result in an offer regarding additional services. A separate agreement will be set up for this transaction. Questions regarding the functions of the service are not charged.


The number of users per license is limited to one specific person. If further users need access to the service, please contact HUI for further information.


In the process of developing SSCD, over 200 shopping centres have been visited in order to ensure the quality of the data and estimations. Apart from this, the below mentioned sources have been used.
• Köpcentrumbarometern, HUI Research

• Köpcentrumkatalogen, Centrumutveckling
• Vem är Vem, Market
• SCB (”Statistiska Centralbyrån”/The Statistical Central Agency)
• Shopping centre webpages
• Property owner webpages
• Management company webpages
• Municipality webpages
• Media (e.g. Fastighetsvärlden, Fastighetssverige, Market)
• Allabolag.se
• Hitta.se
• Eniro.se
• Google Maps
Estimations regarding retail sales are based on sales figures received from SCB which have then been processed manually.