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About SSCD


Swedish Shopping Centre Directory (SSCD) was launched by Centrumutveckling in November 2013.

Previously, a printed version had been produced in eight editions; the last was published in 2009. With rising demand for an internet service providing a complete picture of the Swedish shopping centre market, Centrumutveckling decided to develop and launch SSCD.

In October 2014 Datscha AB acquired SSCD.se from Centrumutveckling. Simultaneously, a co-operation between Datscha AB, HUI Research and NCSC was formed. This allowed for the merger of Centrumfakta, a competing database, and SSCD – making it Sweden’s only shopping centre database. 

In October 2020 HUI acquired SSCD.se from Datscha.

HUI will continue to operate the online Shopping Centre Directory. The database will be updated by HUI Research in co-operation with NCSC.





HUI Research is the leading institution for research on retail and wholesale.

Nordic Council of Shopping Centers(NCSC) is the organization representing the Shopping Center industry in the Nordic market.