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Find information about 390 Swedish shopping malls/retail parks and 160 planned projects!

You get access to data for over 380 centres, like:

  • Retail sales
  • Full tenant list
  • Area – leasable & total
  • Property owner & contact info
  • Amount of visitors
  • Centre management & contact info
  • Amount of parking spaces
  • 190+ planned shopping centre projects

What is the Swedish Shopping Centre Directory?

SSCD is a database with information about over 380 Swedish shopping centres and retail parks from 5,000 sqm and above. In addition to this, SSCD contains information about over 190 planned shopping centre projects, providing its customers with a complete picture of the Swedish shopping centre market. For more information, contact us.

The Swedish Shopping Centre Directory is operated by DATSCHA AB.  The database is updated by HUI Research and NCSC